Pacific Development & Training Institute (PDTI) is a National Training Council (NTC) accredited provider and PNG’s leader in the delivery of safe driver training and driver refresher courses. PDTI has driver training that is suitable for all facets of the transport industry and caters to both inexperienced drivers embarking on a career and more seasoned drivers requiring refresher or advanced training. Training options provides clients with an understanding of pre-start routines, company expectations, national road rules, defensive driving techniques and recognising and evading security threats.

PDTI currently provides Driver Training to Black Swan International (BSI), the region’s largest secure transport provider. To further enhance this arrangement, PDTI is partnering BSI in the development and roll out of its new leading edge Driver Simulator training packages. Both PDTI and BSI understand the importance that training plays in their ability to provide professional and dedicated drivers to clients. Accordingly, the simulator will be utilised in the professional development of BSI’s drivers. The simulator will be employed in several areas including initial recruitment and selection, advanced defensive driver training, and annual refresher training and assessment designed to reinforce critical aspects including safe driving techniques, fatigue management, and compliance with national road laws.

PDTI will also offer simulator training to interested clients who wish to improve the skills of their own drivers in support of their PNG operations.