World-class professional and safety training courses in PNG

PDTI is committed to providing training that educates and empowers. We give graduates the skills and knowledge to take on roles in a range of industries with confidence and self-assurance.

Our training programs are developed by industry leading professionals and are available to individuals as well as private and public sector entities operating in PNG. Combining international teaching standards with local experience, PDTI delivers training that’s designed to get the very best out of people.

Certificate II in Security Operations

Give your people the skills they need to succeed in a security environment. This nationally-accredited course is designed for people looking to enter the workforce as a security officer and organisations wanting to further develop their security personnel.

The three-day course is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers with practical experience in the security industry. Completion of this course will meet the requirements of the Security (Protection) Industry Act. PDTI also offers a biannual security refresher training course.

Security & Cultural Awareness Induction

PNG is a dynamic country with a wide breadth of cultural and social diversity. Our cultural awareness and security courses in PNG help participants understand the environment and what these mean for individuals and organisations operating in PNG.

This training is suitable for a wide range of audiences but is particularly valuable for first time visitors from private companies, public sector entities and NGOs. As well as covering security awareness, the course introduces participants to PNG culture and provides guidance on respectful communication and behaviour to enhance their experience in country.

HSE Foundations

Health, safety and environment training is essential for employees to keep themselves, coworkers and their workplaces safe. Not only does adequate occupational health and safety training reduce the risk of accidents and spills, it can also improve productivity and job proficiency.

Our HSE training program draws on relevant examples in PNG to reinforce quality workplace practices and help participants apply lessons to their own roles.

Safe Driver Training

Driving in PNG requires not just an understanding of local road rules, but knowledge of defensive driving techniques and an appreciation for the changing environment.

This NTC-accredited safe driver training course teaches the skills to drive safely and efficiently in PNG and minimise the risk of accidents. We can tailor this course to meet your specific requirements, including driving for rideshare services, secure personnel transportation and cash-in-transit services.

K9 Dog Handling Training

Learn the skills to confidently communicate and work with your dog. Enjoy a successful career as a professional guard dog handler within the security industry.

This nationally accredited course is designed to teach the skills required for both handler and dog to deal with security incidents. Participants will be taught high level security dog handling techniques within an operational context. Practical training includes obedience and control, personnel protection training, attack dog training and criminal apprehension training.

Firearms Training

Advance your career within the security industry and gain the confidence to operate a firearm in a safe and proficient manner. Led by our highly skilled and accredited instructors, this hands-on course teaches participants the fundamentals of marksmanship and firearm drills including loading, unloading, stoppages, drawing and firing techniques. Participants will also learn about basic firearm safety and risk management.

Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Techniques

We can all face situations of tension and conflict. Learning how to anticipate conflict and effectively deal with it is a valuable skill.

This course offers practical skills to resolve conflict that can be applied to any workplace. Participants will be taught how to identify signs of conflict and use suitable de-escalation techniques. Modules include verbal and non-verbal conflict resolution skills and effective skills for intervention. At the end of the course, participants will be able implement strategies to quickly recognise, resolve and minimise conflict.

Incident Report Writing

Clear incident reporting is essential to identify the cause of an incident and provide recommendations to reduce risk in future. This course teaches participants how to identify and collate relevant information for inclusion in an incident report. Effective report writing techniques are demonstrated so participants can prepare clear, concise and easily understandable reports.

Basic Customer Service Skills

Your customer service team is the face of your business. Make sure your team has the skills to deliver consistently great customer service. This course covers the fundamentals of customer service, including communication, patience, attentiveness and detailed knowledge of the product or service. Participants will feel empowered to understand and satisfy customers needs and handle in a variety of relevant situations.

Leadership & Supervisor Skills

Strong leadership skills are vital to ensure managers and supervisors generate positive teamwork with their organisation. This course provides participants with a solid foundation to develop their leadership style and lead their team to success.

Participants will learn effective communication strategies, motivation techniques, task delegation and how to adapt their management style to suit differing situations.

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