World-Class Online Training in Papua New Guinea

At PDTI we are committed to bridging PNG’s skills and training gap. COVID-19 has the potential to widen this gap through increased difficulties for companies and individuals to access what training options are currently available. With this in mind PDTI has embarked on an E-learning venture whereby we are developing online versions of select courses that can be accessed on any smart device that has a stable 3G internet connection or better.


Look what people have been saying about our free Customer Support Course. Try it now and see if you agree

I’ve never had a chance to learn these techniques over the years of my employment. This course has a great impact on me. Now I have a clear view and perspective on how to deal with issues at work and also outside the working environment

The test’s wording and layout was clear & concise and the test itself was easy to maneuver, thus making the whole learning experience enjoyable!

The course used easy to understand language, worded to convey the interest of the participant, short, sharp and sweet and yet, still filled with valuable information. Icing on the cake was the instant downloadable certificate at the end! Brilliant!

I was able to understand the basic Customer Service concept and its importance

Learnt many new customers problem solving skills.

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